Love story in Rome

March 2017 in Rome

Something about Rome

Something about Rome again, Match 2017

Spring shooting in Rome

One of my favorite shooting in Rome, March 2017

Natalia and Andrea, Rome 1/10/2016

Fall in Saint Petersburg

Honeymoon on the Is Arutas beach

I love this couple!!! We took great photoes on the Is Arutas beach and we had fun!

Irina & Marco, Wedding in Sardinia, June 2016

The story of Irina and Marco, wedding in Sardinia, June 2016

Unusual morning of wedding

Instead of usual pictures of wedding morning our beautiful fiancee has chosen something different. We walked on the sunny beach and took some photoes.

Small wedding ceremony on the «la cinta» beach

The new amazing wedding and the new beautiful happy couple. I love my job and Italy. This Is The best place to realize your dreams! Make up from @tania_deidda